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Schoolies Alternative Mission - Somoa

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Available dates : 26 November - 5 December 2017

 Have a 'Schoolies' experience like no other! Here’s an opportunity to launch your new season of life with a mission trip to Samoa that will be full of encounters and life-changing moments.  This mission is run in partnership with The Camping Program, an organisation that ministers to children and teenagers through camps.  The opportunity is open to Christians in Year 12 or equivalent year leave (apprentice based training, TAFE, homeschooling, ACE schooling or employment).  Jump on board and bring some friends with you, it'll be a great experience!


 Students have the opportunity to
·      Be involved in an alternative to the schoolies options already in place
·      Participate in a program with a mission/service focus
·      Be involved in service to another culture - local school and  Victim Support Group
·      Enjoy the sights and tourist opportunities in Samoa - sliding rocks, cave pools, water falls, snorkeling, markets and more.
·      Experience another culture by involving themselves in the Samoan way of life
·      Experience Christian worship in another culture
·      Experience living with a Samoan family for a night
·      Experiment with new foods and cooking styles
·      Give back to another culture by sharing of themselves and offering friendship
·      Staying at a quality tropical hotel and experiencing sleeping at the beach in ‘fales’
·      Launch into overseas travel within a supported environment

Plans for this trip are as follows:
·      Leave a day or two after the last exams/school commitments – late November for about 10 days.  
·      Fly from Melbourne to Apia (Samoa) via Sydney or New Zealand depending on cheapest flights.  
·      Cost will be $2100. This will cover all airfares, most meals, transport and accommodation.  Extra money would be needed for passport, insurance, spending money, drinks, snacks and some meals.  
·      Payment plans can be worked out on a private basis.  A $600 deposit will be asked for by the end of June.


For more details visit The Camping Program website here.


Approximate Cost

$ Per Person