Over the last 3 years we have invested part of our profits directly back into mission work. Some into smaller start-up Christian not-for-profit enterprise, some into specific projects run by Mission organisations. In everything, the common thread has been towards sustainable projects that promote God’s Word in action. 

Giving Back 2016

Mission Travel is giving away $20,000 to Australian Christian Mission organisations in 2016. 

We are passionate about transforming lives, not just through travel, but also by giving back to the community.  We are dedicated to supporting Australian Christian Mission organisations financially as they transform our world.

Our clients can be assured that when they book their travel with Mission Travel, approximately 50% of the profits is donated back to the community.   With the new Giving Back program, now our clients have the opportunity to choose which organisation will receive the funds from Mission Travel. So when you book your next travel with us, you’ll get to vote.  Check out the voting system below.  



Voting system

Mission Travel clients who engaged our services between 1st May and 31st October this year, had the chance to vote for one of the four beneficiaries. Giving our clients the voting power was important to us, as we wanted our clients to be involved with the Giving Back program.

Each of the four organisations were given a ratio of the $20,000 value in cash. So, for example if one organisation had 20% of the votes they received $4,000, or if they had 60% of the votes they received $12,000.  For Giving Back 2016, the votes were tallied in early November, and showed that there was a fairly even spread between votes, therefore the different organisations received a similar donation.  

Further voting details

Mission Travel clients were given up to 4 votes which they put towards one of the four beneficiaries. The number of votes allocated to each client was dependent on their monetary spend at Mission Travel in the six month voting period.

Votes allocated:

<$2,000 spend = 1 vote

$2,001-$5000 spend = 2 votes

$5,001-$10,000 spend = 3 votes

$10,001+ spend = 4 votes

Previous Beneficiaries




You can be a beneficiary too!