Giving Back FAQs

Isn’t this merely a PR opportunity for Mission Travel?

Mission Travel is well regarded in the faith community and has assisted many para-church organisations, mission groups, school groups, churches and individuals with their regular and ongoing travel. If we wanted to create a PR opportunity, we could have spent $100,000 on paid advertising in mainstream radio and online. Ultimately, that doesn’t benefit the kingdom.

How can our organisation be considered to be a beneficiary for the next Giving Back program?

Mission Travel have not secured a significant profit to be able to run a second Giving Back program for this financial year.  Please stay tuned for details for the Giving Back program in the next financial year 2017/2018.

How Does It Work?

Each time a booking was made during a specific six month period, Mission Travel clients were given a chance to vote for the beneficiary of their choice.   At the end of the voting period, the votes were tallied, and the percentage ratio of votes were allocated. Each of the four organisations were given their ratio of the total monies donated in cash. 

For Mission Travel clients, they were given 1 vote for every $1000 spent. 

For example:

<$1,000 = 1 vote

$2,000 = 2 votes

$20,000= 20 votes

 Our Giving Back program in the future will be revised, and any changes will be updated on our website.

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