2016 Beneficiaries

Meet our Beneficiaries

In 2016 our beneficiaries embarked on projects that transformed the world.  It was an honour to partner with these amazing mission organisations.  It was also important to us that our clients were part of the process through our voting system, where they chose which project they wanted our donation to contribute to.

Have a browse and see the life transforming projects which were part of Giving Back 2016.


Interserve - Caring for refugees

The world took notice of one lifeless child on the beach, and responded with tears. Yet thousands of Syrian refugees continue to make desperate border crossings in hope of something better.

The UNHCR estimates 4.8 million refugees have flooded into neighbouring countries. This region is buckling under one of the gravest humanitarian crises in modern memory.

Interserve is partnering with a local church that has been on the ground having an amazing impact. Through providing basic supplies, food and care for 5,000 refugees every day, the love of Christians is touching and transforming lives.   The refugees acknowledge that no one else treats them the way the ‘Bible people’ do.

Through a holistic approach, including spiritual, emotional and physical needs, this project has become a life giving ministry to thousands. Be part of a project that brings real hope to the vulnerable.