About Us

Our Values


♦      Communicate openly and freely

♦      Be available to listen and help

♦      Be constructive and positive in all conversations

♦      Embracing, empathetic, proactive and with genuine care

♦      To look out for one another & our clients


♦      Always acts ethically

♦      Tell the truth

♦      Honesty and transparency

♦      Learn from our mistakes to improve


♦      Treats all individuals equitably and fairly

♦      Treat others the way that we would want to be treated

♦      Consistency and professionalism is key


♦      Understands requirements of own role and takes responsibility and is accountable for actions

♦      Gains clarification about expected outcomes

♦      Takes personal responsibility for resolving difficult problems or issues

♦      Collaboration – teach & learn from one another


♦      Treats all individuals with dignity and respect

♦      Builds trust through consistent actions, values and communication

♦      Remain calm and in control under pressure

♦      Maintain a high degree of respect amongst the team & with clients

♦      Still take time to have fun!


♦      Our open office environment promotes information sharing

♦      Appreciate & understand different skill sets and experience within our team

♦      Shows initiative to overcome difficult or unforeseen challenges

Mission Travel is accredited with the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and BOOK SAFE.  These are industry accreditation schemes that set the benchmark of quality for the travel industry. You can be rest assured that our service, quality and integrity has been backed by our accreditations of AFTA and BOOK SAFE. We are proud that we have provide quality service for over 10 years.

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